Barbara Bella Voltolini

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a deep journey into the shadow side, with specific focus on sexuality, body, pleasure and power... Open up for acknowledging your shadow and you will be guided in transforming it.

Hvorfor bør du være med på denne workshopen? 

Welcome to a transformative journey about exploring your shadow side... get in connection
with what you don’t know about yourself.

Hvordan gjennomføres workshopen?

Group workshop with exercises, meditation, movement, sharing.

Om Barbara

Barbara Bella Voltolini is deeply fascinated by the mystery of Life. She is an holistic therapist with a solid background in trauma healing, shadow work and energy healing. After meeting Tantra, her whole life was transformed.
She got fully back into the wisdom of her own energy and her body. Now she loves to support the body in getting back into balance, releasing old traumas and stuck energy using different dearmouring techniques.
She has created an alchemic process in her own journey, facing her shadows, traumas and ego and transforming them into Awareness. Her mission is to support other people in doing the same.
She gives sessions and holds workshops both in Norway and Sweden.


*Barbaras grupper går på engelsk